State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

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As new Bar President Darrell Sutton begins his year, he's setting out to gather as much information and feedback as possible from fellow Bar members in the #ShapeTheBar campaign. He genuinely wants to know your thoughts about the legal profession in Georgia and how the Bar can make the practice of law easier for you. Use the form below or email



Feedback & Actions

Your input is important and we want to share feedback with you. Here are some suggestions we have received along with a statement of how we are working toward a solution:

"Board of Governors Member Eric Ballinger suggested a platform enabling BOG members to communicate between meetings. A committee has been appointed." - Darrell Sutton

"State Bar Member Thomas Mondelli has suggested we add evening seminars to the ICLE offerings. So I am working with ICLE Director Michelle West to make it happen." - Darrell Sutton

"State Bar Member Katie Gropper suggested that we market the Lawyer Assistance Program as more of a preventative measure rather than just a corrective one. I plan to attend the next LAP Committee meeting and discuss this with them. It’s definitely a well-made point." - Darrell Sutton

"In response to my initiative to curtail the illegal use of personal injury case runners, Bar Member Joel Williams suggested the committee consider educating lawyers, especially plaintiff's lawyers, on ways to identify runners when clients are contacted by them to help identify the lawyer behind the solicitation. Great idea, Joel!" Darrell Sutton, President 



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