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About the Pro Bono Resource Center

The Pro Bono Resource Center, created by the State Bar of Georgia in 1982 in conjunction with the Georgia Legal Services Program, is a program which assists local bar associations, individual private attorneys and communities in developing pro bono private attorney/bar involvement efforts in their areas for the delivery of civil legal services to the poor.

Our judicial system cannot function without the availability of counsel to ensure that all people have effective access to the legal system. The need for legal assistance by low-income Georgians to resolve life-shattering problems is enormous. Legal intervention is often the critical factor that enables a family to remain together or to receive vital financial support. In even the best of times, legal aid programs can serve only a small fraction of the persons who meet their eligibility standards and who need legal assistance. Thus, private attorney participation in the delivery of legal services to the poor is absolutely critical.

For the Public

The State Bar of Georgia does not provide a lawyer referral service.  We do not provide legal advice. We can help you find the legal aid or pro bono program that serves your area.

If your income is low, you may qualify for free legal assistance from a legal aid or pro bono program or you can contact a lawyer referral service. Find a legal aid or pro bono program or lawyer referral service in your area. Not in Georgia? Go to, a national network of free legal aid and pro bono programs.