State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

Congratulations to Charles Williams on 50 years of service

May 13, 2020
By Darrell Sutton

Calhoun Times

To the Editor:

The State Bar of Georgia congratulates Charles M. Williams of Calhoun for having achieved the milestone accomplishment of 50 years of service in the legal profession.

Admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1970, Mr. Williams has worked for five decades with distinction for the profession, the public and the courts. With a strong work ethic, he continues an active law practice in Calhoun today. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he served his country in the Air Force, both in active duty and in the reserves.

Having reached the half-century mark, Charles Williams continues to demonstrate his commitment to serving the public and the justice system. His fellow members of the State Bar of Georgia add our applause and appreciation for his admirable and exemplary career of service.


Darrell Sutton
President, State Bar of Georgia