State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

Congratulations to Judge Padgett on award for local history advocacy

October 31, 2017
By Brian D. "Buck" Rogers

The Augusta Chronicle
Columbia County News-Times
, Evans
The True Citizen, Waynesboro

To the Editor:

On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I wish to express congratulations and thanks to Augusta Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge J. Wade Padgett, who was honored with the Excellence for Local History Advocacy Award, presented by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council.

Judge Padgett is the author of “From Court in the Wilderness to Court in the Metropolis: A History of the Augusta Judicial Circuit,” published in December 2016. The book chronicles the long history of the Superior Courts, State Courts, Civil and Magistrate Courts, Probate Courts and Juvenile Courts of the circuit covering Burke, Columbia and Richmond counties. A biographical sketch of each judge, clerk of court and prosecutor who served in those courts is featured in Judge Padgett’s historical account, along with an architectural history of the courthouses in each county.

We add our applause to this prestigious recognition for Judge Padgett and commend him for his work in providing a local history of the courts in the Augusta Circuit, which will help generations of readers appreciate the importance and value of our justice system.

Brian D. “Buck” Rogers
President, State Bar of Georgia