State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

Georgia legal community mourns loss of Joe McGee

July 13, 2022
By Sarah B. "Sally" Akins

Daily Report

To the Editor:

The State Bar of Georgia extends condolences to the family, colleagues and many friends of longtime Atlanta attorney P. Joseph “Joe” McGee on his passing at the age of 85.

A member of the Georgia Bar since 1966, Mr. McGee distinguished himself at a leading divorce attorney in Atlanta, first with the firm of Westmoreland, Hall & Pentecost and later as co-founder and managing partner McGee & Oxford. He served his profession on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Bar Association and as president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and his country as a Navy veteran.

Joe McGee’s exemplary career of service is an inspiration to all Georgia lawyers. We appreciate and will remember his many contributions to the justice system in our state.

Sarah B. “Sally” Akins
President, State Bar of Georgia