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**The State Bar of Georgia election is now closed. Results will be posted here by May 12.**


2016 State Bar of Georgia Election

The following information is intended to assist members of the State Bar of Georgia in voting for contested races. Members may vote online or by paper ballot, which were mailed recently to all active members who did not opt in to paperless voting. The deadline for casting a ballot is April 29 at 11:59 p.m., EDT. Results will be available by May 12. Candidate information for contested races appear as hyperlinks for the candidates. Simply click on the candidate's name to learn more.

In order to vote online, you must log in to your State Bar member account at with your regular username and password. (If you need assistance logging in to your member account, please contact Membership at or 404-527-8777). For any other voting-related issues (did not receive your ballot, difficulty with your ballot, incorrect ballot, etc.), please contact Survey & Ballot Systems by email at or call 1-866-909-3549.

Sample Ballots

To assist you in voting for the candidate of your choice, we have provided sample ballots for the circuits and YLD office with contested races. We hope this is useful and encourage you to vote.

YLD Secretary

Atlanta Circuit
Eastern Circuit
Ocmulgee Circuit
Out-of-State Circuit
Stone Mountain Circuit

Contested Races

YLD Secretary (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Ronald Edward "Ron" Daniels, Perry
William Thomas "Will" Davis, Atlanta

BOG - Atlanta Circuit, Post 8 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Bisa Furaha Ajanaku, Atlanta
Hubert J. "Hugh" Bell Jr., Atlanta
Joshua I. "Josh" Bosin, Atlanta
Michael Lee McGlamry, Atlanta
Paige Reese Whitaker, Atlanta

BOG - Atlanta Circuit, Post 20 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
William Stanley "Bill" Allred, Atlanta
Manubir Singh "Manny" Arora, Atlanta
Shiriki Lean Cavitt, Atlanta
David Gan-Wing Cheng, Atlanta
Jennifer Auer Jordan, Atlanta
Malissa "Anne" Kaufold-Wiggins, Atlanta
Cary S. King, Atlanta

BOG - Atlanta Circuit, Post 33 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Drew Norman Early, Atlanta
Susan Eichler Edlein, Atlanta
Kevin Charles Patrick, Atlanta
Nicholas John "Nick" Pieschel, Atlanta
David Lawrence Turner, Atlanta

BOG - Eastern Circuit, Post 1 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Sarah Brown "Sally" Akins, Savannah
John William Rodman, Savannah

BOG - Ocmulgee Circuit, Post 1 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
E. Trenton "Trent" Brown III, Eatonton
Carl Santos Cansino, Milledgeville
Frankie W. Hicks III, Milledgeville

BOG - Out-of-State, Post 2 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Stephanie Kirijan Cooper, Birmingham
Everett Layne "Bo" Hixson Jr., Chattanooga
Harvey Atwood Hutchinson III, Birmingham
William J. Monahan, Washington, D.C.
Norman Staples Wood, Mobile

BOG - Stone Mountain Circuit, Post 1 (click on candidate's name to view their bio)
Stacey K. Hydrick, Decatur
Elizabeth Pelypenko, Atlanta
Roderick B. "Rod" Wilkerson, Decatur

Additional Information

General Information
2016 Board of Governors Candidate Listing

BOG Members
View the list of current Board of Governors' members.

2015-16 State Bar of Georgia Officers
President -- Robert J. "Bob" Kauffman, Douglasville
President-Elect/Treasurer -- Patrick T. O'Connor, Savannah
Secretary -- Brian D. "Buck" Rogers, Atlanta
Immediate Past President -- Patrise M. Perkins-Hooker, Atlanta