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2018 Commitment to Equality Awards | Call for Nominations

The State Bar of Georgia's Committee to Promote Inclusion in the Profession invites you to nominate an individual or organization you believe deserves recognition for the 2018 Commitment to Equality Awards. These awards recognize those who promote diversity in the legal profession and who provide opportunities for members of underrepresented groups. Click here for the Call for Nominations and Nomination Form. The deadline for nominations is Friday, Feb. 23, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Bryant at 404-527-8776 or

Commitment to Equality Awards Past Honorees
*Randolph Thrower Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Hon. Robert Benham *
Hon. Alice D. Bonner *
Veronica Brinson
Joaquin Carbonell
A. James Elliott *
Harold E. Franklin Jr.
Craig Fraser
Avarita L. Hanson *
Jessica Harper
Kenneth B. Hodges III
Charles T. Huddleston
Hon. Carol W. Hunstein
Ben Johnson * (deceased)
Charles S. Johnson *
E. Jewell Johnson
Sen. Leroy R. Johnson *
Dawn M. Jones
Seth David Kirschenbaum *
Sonjui L. Kumar
Linda A. Klein *
Allegra Lawrence-Hardy
Charles T. Lester Jr.
Ralph B. Levy
Robert M. Lewis Jr.
Hon. Willie J. Lovett Jr. (deceased)
S. Wade Malone *
Samuel M. Matchett
Charles Morgan
Hon. Thelma M. Wyatt Moore *
Aasia Mustakeem
Mary Ann B. Oakley
Suzanne Wynn Ockleberry
Hon. Herbert E. Phipps *
Lynn M. Roberson
Thomas Sampson *
Hon. Louis Sands
Hon. Leah Ward Sears
Lewis Slaton (deceased) *
Huey W. Spearman
Sara S. Turnipseed *
Hon. Horace T. Ward * (deceased)
Thomas WardellKay Young * (deceased)

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Cingular Wireless
Georgia Legal Services Program
Jones Day
King &Spalding
Nelson, Mullins, Riley, & Scarborough