State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

Inside Mentoring is for an attorney who works in a law firm or organization and has a mentor within that firm or organization. This status includes Georgia prosecutors and public defenders.1

In order to comply with TILPP, attorneys must complete both the mentoring and continuing legal education components. The program generally takes a year to complete, with a deadline of Dec. 31 of the year following admission to the State Bar of Georgia.

Forms Due Within 90 Days of Admission:
Enrollment Form
Mentor Volunteer Form
Compliance Checklist
Mentoring Plan2 – First page only

Additional Requirements to Complete TILPP
Beginning Lawyers Program – This six-hour CLE is required for most lawyers3 enrolled in TILPP. Click here for registration information.

Six Additional Hours of CLE – You may choose your additional CLE courses. See the Upcoming ICLE Programs for the current schedule.

Completed Mentoring Plan

1. State Asst. Solicitors, Prosecutors and Public Defenders will participate in programs developed by the Prosecuting Attorneys Council of Georgia or the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council. This does not include U.S. Asst. Attorneys or Federal Public Defenders. Judicial Law Clerks are deferred from completing TILPP during the period of the clerkship but will be required to enroll immediately following their first year.

2. If you work for a large law firm, legal organization, or a State Prosecutor's or Public Defender's office that has a Memorandum of Understanding and Master Mentoring Plan on File with TILPP, you will not be required to submit another mentoring plan or Mandatory Advocacy Experiences, as they are in your Master Mentoring Plan. This does not apply to Public Defenders in the following counties: Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas, Forsyth, Gwinnett and Houston.

3. If you are a prosecutor or public defender, the trainings offered through PAC or GPDSC are substitutes for the Beginning Lawyers Program.