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Abusive Litigation


February 06, 2020

7:30 AM - 3:05 PM

State Bar - Atlanta Atlanta Georgia 30303





Total Hours* Ethics Professionalism Trial Practice
*The 6 total hours include 2 ethics, 1 professionalism and 5 trial practice hour(s).

Why you should attend

A major obstacle for any party in civil litigation is the cost of representation. Georgia follows the “American Rule” that generally requires each party to a civil case to pay that party’s own legal fees and expenses. But Georgia has several exceptions to this general rule that have become increasingly important for civil litigators. A civil litigator needs to be prepared to seek attorney fees for the client when warranted. Equally important is to know how to defend against an aggressive effort to fee shift against your client. This seminar examines the procedural steps and substantive law of various fee shifting theories, focusing primarily on Georgia state law, at the trial and appellate court levels. The seminar provides an in depth examination of multiple procedural methods for recovering for “abusive litigation,” recovering fees as part of the claim under OCGA § 13-6-11, fee shifting under Georgia’s offer of judgment statute, and the rules for sanctions for frivolous appellate practice. The seminar also covers the evidence required to prove and recover the reasonable and necessary attorney fees these statutes permit. Most of the material in this seminar is presented by a group of lawyers that have been presenting this material each year since this seminar began over twenty years ago and are experts on the subject. Each attendee will receive written materials that are essentially a horn book on Georgia law of abusive litigation and civil fee shifting.

Space is limited. ICLE cannot guarantee admission to onsite registrants. Early registration closes 48 hours before the seminars held at State Bar of Georgia offices.  Materials for these courses are provided in digital form. Meals may not be available for walk in registrants.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations reaching ICLE by 5PM the day before the seminar date will receive a registration fee refund less a $25.00 administrative fee. Otherwise, the registrant will be considered a “no show” and will not receive a registration fee refund. ICLE will email a digital link to class materials to every “no show.” As a courtesy to speakers and other attendees in this educational setting, we do not allow children at seminars.

Seminar Number: 0202020620

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