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From a Boy Running Scared for His Life to Running Free on a Soccer Field

Marcos' Story (1-minute) from State Bar of Georgia on Vimeo.

Marcos* endured harsh violence and personal intimidation by rough gangs in his small village, starting at the age of 7. He ran away when he was 12 and spent weeks of walking, riding a bus and finally swimming across a river into America. He was immediately captured and put in an orphanage. Buck Dixon of Troutman Sanders in Atlanta, was alerted to his unaccompanied child status.

Buck represented Marcos and won asylum for him, so he could safely stay in the United States. 

Marcos* is now a thriving middle-schooler who loves soccer and especially American food. 

*His identity has been changed for his protection. His story is true. 

About Buck Dixon, Marcos'* Lawyer

Buck DixonBuck Dixon is an Associate in the Environmental and Natural Resources Section of Troutman Sanders in Atlanta. Most of Buck’s practice involves regulatory compliance and enforcement defense. His pro bono partnership with the legal non-profit KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) is how he connected with Marcos, who fled his home because of constant threats to join the gangs. Buck won KIND Atlanta’s first asylum grant for Marcos, to ensure that he can live safely in the United States, reunited with his family. The case was pivotal, paving the way for other children like Marcos who need protection.

He summed up the personal reward for his involvement, “These kids have nothing else – they don’t have any safety net. We are that safety net. As a lawyer, it was an extremely rewarding experience to know that you have a direct impact on helping someone, on changing and molding that person’s life story. It really doesn’t get any more rewarding than that.”

*His identity has been changed for his protection. His story is real.

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