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New PSA Campaign Highlights Clients Whose Lives Were Fundamentally Improved by Their Lawyers

Lawyers have been known to do some pretty wonderful things. In a new advertising campaign, the State Bar of Georgia will begin featuring Georgia residents whose lives have been impacted and fundamentally altered in the most meaningful and positive ways by the hard work and expertise of the lawyers who fought for them. The public service announcements are the first in an ongoing series of case histories designed to illustrate poignant human stories of triumph over life’s tragedies and injustices as Georgia lawyers, often for little or no personal gain, guide their clients through the legal system. The campaign, created by The Dalton Agency in Atlanta, will utilize :30 TV, :60 videos, digital, print and outdoor media.

Queenyona – Lithonia, Georgia

Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Murray – Atlanta, Georgia

Forgotten and Homeless Vietnam Veteran

Jarryd – Athens, Georgia

From Amputee to World Record Setter

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