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Volunteer for the Program

The High School Mock Trial program operates through the generous spirit of many individuals who volunteer their time. Volunteer opportunities range from coaching a team to evaluating or presiding during competition rounds in the spring to serving on a sub-committee behind the scenes. Without the volunteered time of the membership of the State Bar, the program would not be able to reach the 2,000+ high school students who are part of mock trial programs across the state of Georgia.

Attorney Coaches

Each team is required to have at least one Attorney Coach; many teams have multiple coaches. The Attorney Coach works directly with the students in learning the legal aspects of preparing the case, from breaking down the case, drafting openings, closing, directs and crosses, to helping them learn how to make objections and use the Rules of Evidence. While this requires the greatest commitment of time, it also provides the most interaction and direct involvement with students in the program. Teams are responsible for identifying Attorney Coaches for their team, but the Mock Trial office can assist teams in locating a coach.

Did you know? Attorney Coaches are eligible for CLE credit for their time coaching a team: 3 general CLE hours, including 1 hour in Ethics, 1 hour in Trial Practice, and 1 hour in Professionalism (3,1,1,1). Credit can be claimed by submitting the form below.
  -  The Attorney Coach CLE Form (for the 2023 HSMT season) will be sent to registered attorney coaches by the Mock Trial office in January - Hours will be applied to the 2022 transcript.

Judging Panels for 2023 Competition Rounds

The 2022-23 season will (COVID-19 permitting) be back in courtrooms for all levels of the competition. Regional competitions will take place on February 4; Districts on March 4; and State Finals the weekend of March 18-19.

Attorneys and judges are used as Evaluators or Presiding Judges during the competition rounds. For each round of competition, four volunteers are needed in each courtroom (three Evaluators and one Presiding Judge).

Regional Competition

The Regional Competition is the first level of the season, where all teams compete in three rounds. After Round 3, the teams are ranked by their cumulative record and the top three teams from each Region move on to the District Competition.

District Competition

The District Competition pairs two Regions to make a District, with three teams from each Region advancing. This level consists of three rounds. After the third round, teams are ranked by their records from District, and the top two teams moved on to the State Finals Competition.

State Finals Competition

The State Finals Competition will be held Saturday and Sunday, March 18 and 19 at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville. The 16 teams advancing from Districts will compete.

The State Champion will represent Georgia at the National High School Mock Trial (Virtual) Championship in Little Rock, Arkansas in May.

Register for Judging Panels

If you are interested in helping out at any level of the competition, please contact Rich Harris in the Mock Trial office: or 404-527-8779.

Did you know? CLE credit is available for attorneys and judges serving on a judging panel during the 2023 mock trial season: 1 general CLE hour, including 1 hour in Trial Practice and 1 hour in Professionalism (1,1,0,1). Members who are able to help in two different levels of the competition (Region/District/State Finals) can claim an additional 1 general CLE hour and 1 hour in Trial Practice (1,1,0,0). The process to claim the credit will be shared with the panels after the competition levels are completed.

High School Mock Trial Committee

The Mock Trial Competition is overseen by the YLD's HSMT Committee. The committee is chaired by a chair, 1st vice chair and 2nd vice chair. Subcommittees exist to work on the creation of the Problem, the Rules of the Competition, planning for State Finals, Honors and Awards, and Development (Fundraising). To volunteer for the committee, please contact Rich Harris in the Mock Trial office: or 404-527-8779.