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Judging Panel Information

2022 Virtual Season Judging Panel Volunteers

If you wish to volunteer for a judging panel for the 2022 season, you will find all of the information on the "Volunteer for the Program" page.

Competition Materials for Judging Panel Members

General Information for all Panel Members

- Case Materials: State v. Carli/Carl Holmes
- Q&A Report for case
- Rules of Competition and Evidence

- General Info - Information for both Presiging Judges and Evaluators
- What's Different with this Year's Virtual Season

Presiding Judge Information

- Pre-Trial Orientation - Please look through this berfore your first trial round.
- Presiding Judge Materials - Information about what to expect. Read beforehand and have handy for trial.
Printed script for trial - Streamlined version of the Presiding Judge Materials

Evaulator Information

- Pre-Trial Orientation - Please look through this berfore your first trial round.
- Evaluator Materials - Information about what to expect; includes the Trial Guidelines for EvaluatorsRead beforehand and have handy for trial.
- Guidance for Scoring a Trial Presentation - "Rubrics" on what to look for from each part of the team's presentation and assigning scores to each portion. Not a checklist but guidance for the subjective nature of scoring.

Competition Day Materials

- Blank scoresheet - The generic "courtroom draft scoresheet"; to be used only if you want a physical ballot to keep up with during trial. All numbers will need to be entered on the online scoresheet.

CLE Credit for Judging Panel Volutneers

Attorneys who volunteer their time for the 2022 Mock Trial season are eligible to claim CLE credit.

For the first level of competition (Region, District, or State Finals), the following credits are available:

- 1 general CLE hour, 1 Trial Practice hour, 1 Professionalism hour (1,1,0,1)

Attorneys who volunteer for a second level during the season (Regions + District; Regions + State Finals; District + State Finals) are eligible to claim an additional 1 general CLE hour and 1 Trial Practice hour of credit (1,1,0,0).

All applications for CLE credit must be made using the Judging Panel CLE form. Applications must be submitted by April 15, 2022. The CLE Department will bill member's Bar accounts for the CLE fees.

Even though all judging panel service takes place during the 2022 calendar year, CLE credits earned during the 2022 HSMT season will appear on the attorney's 2021 CLE transcript.

With everything being posted above, we are not using the Judging Panel username/password this season.

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