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Competition Information

The 2021 season is going to be virtual, using the Zoom platform for competitions. With this move to the online competition, the season has been restructured to take advantage of the unique opportunity.

For the 2021 season, all teams will compete in a statewide competition (instead of our traditional Regions), starting with the Prelim Rounds the weekend of January 30 and concludes with the State Finals Championship Round March 22. The full 2021 season calendar is available here.

Use the links below to find more details about the season:

The Craig Harding Memorial Court Artist Contest

Prelim Rounds

Mid-Level Rounds

State Finals Tournament

National High School Mock Trial Championship

The Craig Harding Memorial Court Artist Contest

The Craig Harding Memorial Court Artist Contest is scheduled to take place during the Prelim Rounds in February. Each team competing in the Mock Trial Competition will be able to register up to three artists for the contest. Each contestant will have the four Rounds of competition to produce up to two drawings for judging. The submissions will be judged, who will choose a list of top-10 Artsts and name a State Champion and State Finalist Court Artist.

The Georgia State Champion will have the opportunity to compete in the National Courtroom Artist Contest at the 2021 National High School Mock Trial Championship in Evansville, IN the weekend of May 13-16.

More information about the 2021 Contest can be found on the Court Artist Contest's page.

Prelim Rounds

All registered teams will compete in the Prelim Rounds, scheduled throughout the month of February. Each team will compete in four rounds at this level and be randomly matched against teams from across the state. Since the season is not using the traditional Region structure, matches can happen between teams who have never competed against each other before.

Each team will be guaranteed to present both sides of the case twice in Prelims, switching sides between rounds 1 and 2, as well as between rounds 3 and 4. Teams will receive their four trial dates in early January, with trial rounds taking place on weeknight evenings, twice on Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

Each team consists of 6-12 competing students and will present one side of the case each Round, being assgined to either the Plaintiff or Defense. Schools may field multiple teams in the competition but they will compete as independent teams. Students who do not have a competition (speaking) role for their team are designated "non-competing students" but are welcome, and encouraged, to attend to support the team.

After Round 4, the cumulative record from all four rounds will be totaled, creating an ovreall ranking of teams. The top-64 teams will advance to the Mid-Level Rounds.

The 2020 Prelim Rounds are scheduled to take place from Jan. 30 through Feb. 24 online.

Mid-Level Rounds

The top-64 teams from the final Prelim Rankings will move the Mid-Levels (Rounds 5 and 6).

Round 5's matches will be made randomly between the top half and bottom half of the 64-team bracket. Sides will be assigned randomly during the draw.

After Round 5, the cumulative 5-round record will be calculated, creating a new ranking of teams. The teams will be separated into columns by the side they represented in Round 5 and then each column divided in half from top to bottom. The pairings for Round 6 will be created by randomly drawing a team from the top half of one column against a team from the bottom half of the opposing column. All teams will then switch sides for Round 6.

After Round 6, the teams will be ranked again using their cumulative 6-round record, with the top 32 teams advancing to the State Finals Tournament.

The 2020 Mid-Level Rounds are scheduled to take place from Feb. 27 through Mar. 10 online.

State Finals Tournament

The top-32 teams from the Mid-Level Rounds will advance to the State Finals Tournament. Each team will be seeded into a bracket of eight teams each. Each team's seeding will come from their spot in the ranking after Round 6.

Each Round is a single-elimination round, with the field working down to the Final Round for the State Championship. Each team will switch sides when possible, with a system in place to attempt to ensure that all teams present each side at least twice and not to present the same side three times in a row.

The State Finals Tournament is scheduled to take place online from Saturday, Mar. 13 through Sunday, Mar. 21.

The National High School Mock Trial Championship

The Georgia State Champion qualifies to compete in the National High School Mock Trial Championship. The NHSMTC will take place the weekend of May 13-16, 2021, in Evansville, IN. It has not yet been determined if Nationals will be held in-person or virtually.