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The Workers' Compensation Law Section annually presents its Distinguished Service Award to members of the bench and bar who have made outstanding contributions to the practice and/or development of workers' compensation law. The award is presented at the annual Workers' Compensation Law Institute Seminar. Past recipients are:

2000   William V. George and Charles L. Drew
2001   E. Earl Mallard Jr. and James B. Hiers Jr.
2002   John M. Williams and John F. Sweet
2003   E. Lamar Gammage Jr.
2004   Curtis Farrar Jr. and Joe B. Sartain Jr.
2005   Lavinia B. George
2006   No award
2007   Hon. Carolyn C. Hall
2008   Don Lee Hartman and Robert R. Potter
2009   E. Lee Southwell III
2010   John H. Ross
2011   David B. Higdon
2012   Marvin Price
2013   Hon. Gordon R. Zeese
2014   Mark S. Gannon 
2015   Richard C. Kissiah

2016   John A. Ferguson Jr.
2017   Ann B. Bishop
2018   H. Emily George
2019   H. Michael Bagley