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Administrative Law

The Administrative Law Section provides a forum for attorneys to remain current on Georgia administrative law, socialize with other administrative law practitioners and learn about the numerous and varied areas of state administrative law. The section connects members with a monthly publication covering a selection of recent decisions out of the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings, holds networking events and plans seminars.

Agriculture Law

The Agriculture Law Section seeks to increase the awareness and further the knowledge of members of the State Bar and general public in agricultural law issues.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Facilitates the methods for resolving legal disputes other than through litigation and plans continuing education seminars.

Animal Law

The purpose of Animal Law Section provides networking and educational opportunities to its members. Animal law has useful applications for practitioners in many areas including landlord/tenant, criminal, wills and trusts, personal injury and tort claims, non-profit corporations, agricultural, local government and administrative law. Our mainstream section will provide a forum for members to exchange ideas, study, and understand laws, regulations, and case law pertaining to all areas of Animal Law.


Facilitates awareness and compliance with the federal antitrust laws. It does so primarily through meetings and programs that alert section members to recent antitrust developments and allows them to get together with other antitrust practitioners in the private bar and government enforcement agencies.

Appellate Practice

The purpose of the section is “to foster professionalism and excellence in appellate advocacy and to encourage improvements in the appellate process.” The work of the section involves sponsoring programs and seminars, encouraging appellate pro bono representation, providing a forum for dialogue between the appellate bench and bar of this state and, when appropriate, advocating improvements in appellate practice and procedure through legislation.

Aviation Law

Offers opportunities to members of the Bar to acquire and share knowledge of aviation-related topics in order to foster a better understanding of the issues that are unique to aviation law.

Bankruptcy Law

Serves all members of the Bar whose practice involves debt or creditor issues in the consumer or commercial law areas by its sponsorship of seminars, publications and networking opportunities throughout the state.

Bike Law

The Bike Law Section will provide members of the legal community, and other interested persons concerned, with information regarding the unique legal aspects and application of legal principles common to cycling, and cycling advocacy.

Business Law

Hosts standing committees on the Corporate Code, the UCC, Securities, Partnerships, Legal Opinions and Publications and continues to consider legislative proposals and monitor legislative developments in their respective areas.

Cannabis and Hemp Law

This section was formed in recognition that cannabis/hemp law is perhaps one of the fastest-growing yet complex areas of the law. The new hemp and medical cannabis regulations in Georgia create a broad spectrum of challenges that impact nearly every practice area. This section seeks to help Georgia lawyers give their clients better advice through sharing educational resources, and otherwise assisting Georgia lawyers, businesses and medical professionals navigate the new state rules for legalized cannabis and hemp cultivation and products. Membership in the section enables members to stay informed on the latest updates in this important and fast-moving area of the law. Additionally, this section seeks to develop a network of highly skilled practitioners working together to interpret the ever-changing cannabis/hemp rules and regulations to further best practices guidelines for this growing industry.

Child Protection & Advocacy

The purpose of this Section shall be to promote the objectives of the State Bar of Georgia within the field of Child Protection and Advocacy. The Section shall provide a forum for dissemination of information on aspects of juvenile law practice related to children: prosecution and agency representation, parent representation, child representation, and guardian ad litem work in deprivation or dependency and termination of parental rights proceedings in Juvenile and Probate Courts; defense and prosecution of delinquency and status offender or CHINS (Children in Need of Services) cases; miscellaneous Juvenile Court advocacy regarding competency, emancipation, and parental notification issues; and handling of adoption proceedings. The Section shall additionally focus on representation at school tribunals, advocacy in IEP and other meetings, and quasi-judicial procurement of social security disability, Medicaid, and other entitlements. The Section will participate in efforts to keep members informed of changing federal and state laws and of agency rules, policies, and regulations and to enhance the practice of law relevant to children, except for matters related to matrimonial law as covered by the Family Law Section. The Section shall cooperate with and assist the Younger Lawyer’s Division’s Juvenile Law Committee in its endeavors and activities on behalf of children and may elect to assist in other related activities, upon request.

Class Action

The purposes of the Class Action Section are (1) to promote education and foster professionalism in the area of class action litigation; (2) to inform section members about matters relating to legislation and legislative history, recent decisions of interest, and articles and analysis regarding important developments affecting class action litigation; (3) to foster and develop relationships between those practitioners, corporate counsel and members of the judiciary interested in the efficient and effective litigation and administration of class action lawsuits and settlements; and (4) to provide a forum for the exchange of views on class action practice.

Constitutional Law

The purpose of this section shall be to promote the objectives of the State Bar of Georgia within the field of constitutional law (state and federal); to actively sponsor the continuing education of the members of the State Bar of Georgia in this field; to make appropriate recommendations in this field to the State Bar of Georgia; and to further the purposes of a Section of the State Bar of Georgia as contemplated under the provisions of Article XIV of the bylaws of the State Bar of Georgia.

Construction Law

The Construction Law Section is a place for Georgia lawyers to meet and exchange information relating to construction issues. Many Georgia lawyers deal with construction-related issues as part of their practices, even if their practices do not focus on serving the construction industry. This section allows all Georgia lawyers to network and exchange information and ideas concerning a wide range of construction issues. This includes in-house attorneys, attorneys in firms and attorneys with government entities. This section will assist attorneys across the state who work on construction contracts, disputes or regulatory/compliance issues.

Consumer Law

Fosters professionalism and excellence in consumer law advocacy, both through individual and class actions and to promote improvements in laws governing consumer transactions and fair or deceptive business practices.

Corporate Counsel

Comprised of Bar members engaged in corporate law practice with corporations, associations and law firms, the section annually sponsors a two-day Corporate Counsel Institute covering topics of interest to corporate counsel.

Creditor's Rights

Seeks to provide learning opportunities for its members and to serve the needs of attorneys practicing in the area of collections and commercial litigation.

Criminal Law

Conducts activities to help keep members updated in the finer points of criminal law and disseminates information on matters affecting criminal practice.

E-Discovery & the Use of Technology

The purpose of this Section shall be to provide education and training to lawyers across practice areas about all facets of legal technology and e-discovery, including the tools and applications; best practices and procedures; applicable rules and laws; and ethical considerations.

Elder Law

Promotes the development of substantive skills of attorneys working with older clients by offering continuing education programs.

Eminent Domain

Organized to promote education relating to the law of eminent domain in the state of Georgia.

Employee Benefits Law

The Employee Benefits Law Section seeks to: promote knowledge and understanding of laws regulating employer sponsored benefit plans through continuing legal education opportunities in the field of executive compensation, pensions, health and welfare and ERISA litigation; establish a liaison with the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and employee benefit practitioners; and develop collegiality among practitioners within the employee benefits area of practice.

Entertainment & Sports Law

The Entertainment & Sports Law Section is unique in both its membership and its goals. Its goals are to educate and promote networking among Section members and guests. Varied programs include a monthly luncheon lecture series with CLE credits as well as local and international seminars. The Florida and Tennessee Bars have joined forces with the Section to provide an international seminar. Members, as well as the Bar at large, enjoy learning and socializing in a relaxed atmosphere.

Environmental Law

The Environmental Law Section provides its members with a unique opportunity to get to know other lawyers from industry, federal and state government, public interest organizations and private law firms who practice environmental law on a day-to-day basis. Membership in the Section also enables members to stay informed on current environmental subjects, including legislative and regulatory developments. The Section also sponsors varied programs providing opportunities for CLE credit, as well as field trips and social events, including a summer seminar with the environmental law sections of the South Carolina and North Carolina bar associations every other year.

Equine Law

Organized as an association of licensed attorneys in the state of Georgia, the section has members who desire to develop their knowledge and professional abilities in equine matters of law in order to render better service to their clients and the general public.

Family Law

The Family Law Section, which counts nearly 2,000 active members in its ranks, is extremely active in the Bar and strives to keep its members on the cutting edge of the ever-changing dynamics in this area of practice. The Section promotes continuing legal education by sponsoring with ICLE each year the Family Law Institute in May and two Nuts and Bolts of Family Law seminars, traditionally held in Savannah at the end of summer and in Atlanta in the beginning of fall. The Section also monitors legislation and assists in drafting legislation in the area of family law. The Section publishes a quarterly newsletter which includes articles on emerging areas of the practice, interviews with members of the judiciary, summaries of new appellate cases, and updates on the latest legislation and changes to the Superior Court Rules. The Younger Lawyer's Family Law Section promotes networking among its members and coordinates exciting fundraisers for the community.

Fiduciary Law

The Fiduciary Law Section has as its primary goal the improvement of skills of lawyers who practice in the fiduciary area by sponsoring seminars such as the Fiduciary Law Seminar, the Estate Planning Institute in Athens, the Basic Estate Planning Seminar and other programs. In addition, the Section monitors legislation in the fiduciary area; helps in drafting fiduciary legislation and works with the probate judges to improve the administration of justice and seeks to maintain high standards of professionalism and a strong sense of collegiality among the Section members.

Franchise & Distribution Law

The Franchise and Distribution Law Section was formed to promote the education and best practices of franchise and distribution law among section members.

General Practice & Trial Law

The General Practice & Trial Law Section proclaims itself "Georgia's Largest Law Firm." It is one of the largest sections of the State Bar of Georgia. Benefits of membership include Calendar Call, luncheons, liaison to other sections and the American Bar Association, and a web presence. Section seminars focus on trial practice, law staff training, office technology, mediation and basic corporate practice. Members enjoy inexpensive access to an extensive audio cassette and videotape library. The Section proudly supports the Georgia High School Mock Trial Competition and the Georgia Institute of Trial Advocacy. Through the Tradition of Excellence Awards, the Section annually recognizes outstanding lawyers and judges at its annual June meeting.

Government Attorneys

The Government Attorneys Section was formed in recognition of the significant number of attorneys engaged in government service. The purpose of this section is to provide a forum for government attorneys and to promote their interest before and participation in the State Bar of Georgia.

Health Law

The mission of the Health Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia is to serve as a collegial forum for its members to interact and exchange information to enable its members to develop expertise in Health Law and serve their clients more effectively. The Section actively works to provide high quality educational programs and resources concerning evolving health law issues, with an emphasis on those issues emerging in Georgia; and to serve as a public resource within the health industry in Georgia. The Section actively works to increase its membership through its activities and outreach. In support of its mission, the Section strives to provide at least two substantive programs annually and to cosponsor legal and community programs of interest to the Section membership.

Immigration Law

The Immigration Law Section provides education, advice and disseminates information regarding current conditions relating to the practice before various government agencies including Department of Homeland Security, U.S. and state Department of Labor, etc., to its members in the area of U.S. immigration law.

Insurance Law

The Insurance Law Section has five main functions: (1) to further the education of its members by providing seminars on insurance-related legal topics; (2) to keep its members abreast of current developments in insurance law, such as case law, legislation or regulations; (3) to provide a forum for the exchange of views on the insurance-related aspects of the practice of law; and (4) to influence for the better, when appropriate, those activities which relate to insurance and affect lawyers; (5) to develop a relationship with the State Insurance Commissioner's Office that will enhance the interests of the members of the Section.

Intellectual Property Law

The section provides networking and educational opportunities to its members. The section also fosters networking and education for intellectual property attorneys and professionals nationwide, including co-sponsoring the annual IP Institute.

International Law

The International Law Section endeavors to provide a forum for its members to exchange ideas and experiences related to representation of domestic or foreign clients in connection with matters involving more than one national jurisdiction. In addition, the Section keeps its members informed of the latest developments in the areas of international law and practice through an annual continuing legal education seminar, luncheon study groups and periodic presentations by experts in their field.


The Judicial Section fosters professionalism and excellence in the judiciary, encourages improvements in judicial process and court operations, solicits input from non-judicial bar members upon judicial procedures and court operations, and encourages interaction between bench and bar of the State Bar of Georgia.

Labor & Employment Law

The Labor and Employment Law Section focuses attention on all areas of labor/management-employee/employer relationships through continuing legal education.

Legal Economics

The Legal Economics Law Section provides information and assistance on the administrative, business and practical aspects of the practice of law. The Section produces a newsletter with the Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Georgia and co-sponsors seminars.

Local Government

The Local Government Law Section provides a forum for attorneys representing local governments to exchange ideas and experience. The Local Government Institute for City and County Attorneys is held annually in Athens. Speakers are chosen to discuss current legal, practical and ethical problems in defending and advising local governments.

Military/Veterans Law

The Military-Veterans Law Section sponsors two continuing legal education programs each year promoting awareness and training among bar members of legal issues particular to military service. The section annually conducts training for attorneys seeking approval to practice before the VA.

Nonprofit Law

The purpose of this Section shall be to establish and maintain, as an integrated group, members of the State Bar of Georgia who are legal advisors in the field of nonprofit law; to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas; to improve the professional responsibility with respect to the practice of nonprofit law; to provide, serve and act as a central association and forum for the study, discussion, resolution, collection and dissemination of ideas, information, data, conclusions and solutions with respect to, and common problems created by, the field of nonprofit law.

Privacy & Technology

The Privacy & Technology Section focuses on privacy and security issues across a wide array of legal disciplines and on legal issues that arise from technological innovation. The Section sponsors an all-day legal conference annually as well as CLE and social programs throughout the year. The Section is also actively building communities of practitioners in those fields through programs, pro bono activities and networking opportunities.

Product Liability

The Product Liability Law Section co-sponsors two seminars annually. Members receive a quarterly newsletter featuring case summaries, articles, section member profiles and a calendar of section events, which will include meetings in Rome, Savannah and Macon.

Professional Liability Section

The general purpose of the Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of Georgia within the fields of professional liability and malpractice. As the Health Law Section presently assists the profession in the fields of medical and health liability and malpractice, the Section's emphasis shall be upon liability in fields other than medical or veterinary professions, including but not limited to: 1. Architects; 2. Attorneys at law; 3. Certified public accountants; 4. Land surveyors; 5. Professional engineers. The purposes of this Section shall be to provide a medium through which practitioners in the fields of professional liability can organize, concentrate, and coordinate their activities to enhance the practice and understanding of professional liability law.

Real Property Law

The Real Property Section of the State Bar of Georgia provides resources for both the commercial and residential practitioner. The Section sponsors four seminars each year (Residential Real Estate in February, Real Property Law Institute in May, Title Standards in October, and Commercial Real Estate in November,) and co-sponsors the Foreclosure Seminar in November. The Section provides many additional educational resources and opportunities through a quarterly newsletter, webinar series, "meet and greets" and "lunch and learns". The Section also awards an annual scholarship to one real estate student from each of Georgia's law schools. In addition to education, the Section leadership works to improve the law by proposing and monitoring legislation of importance to real estate practitioners, creating initiatives to address ethical issues of importance to real estate practitioner and coordinating pro-bono opportunities. The Section maintains liaisons with other practice- related groups such as GRECCA, GMBA, GAR, and ALTA. Our website provides members with ready accessible resources such as Formal Advisory Opinions, the updated Title Standards, Georgia's Model Real Estate Opinion, practice handbooks for residential practitioners (Residential Closing and Trust Accounting), basic real estate forms, and past Section newsletters. Additionally, Section Members have the ability to discuss current topics with over 700 fellow practitioners via the Listserv.

Religious Liberty Law

Religious liberty is our first freedom, and that right frequently gives rise to complex, high-profile questions. The Religious Liberty Law Section is devoted to understanding and discussing those legal developments.

School & College Law

The School and College Law Section provides Section members with opportunities to interact with those actively engaged in practicing school and college law. The Section co-sponsors annually, with the ICLE, a seminar on school and college law issues.

Senior Lawyers

The goals of the Senior Lawyers Section include informing lawyers of retirement opportunities, options and benefits, support and assistance to senior lawyers in continuing their careers, improved representation for the disadvantaged, increased pro bono work, encouraging the development of alternate provisions of dispute resolution, advancement of substantive elderly law and professional collegiality.

Taxation Law

The Taxation Law Section actively pursues the continuing education of the members of the State Bar in the field of federal and state taxation; maintains liaison with the Internal Revenue Service, the State Department of Revenue and the Georgia State University Tax Clinic; monitors state legislation affecting taxation; and makes recommendations concerning legislative and administrative rules.

Workers' Compensation Law

The Workers' Compensation Law Section seeks through its work to keep its members fully informed in the area of workers' compensation. The Section works closely with the State Board of Workers' Compensation to convey information regarding new rules changes and statutes to its members. It actively participates in and supports workers' compensation seminars and continuing legal education.