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Section Awards


The Family Law Convocation on Professionalism was commenced in March of 1992 in response to the Supreme Court's initiative on professionalism. The Convocation is held annually and involves discussion and analysis of issues regarding judicial and lawyer professionalism. Starting in 1995, the Family Law Section in conjunction with the Convocation on Professionalism established the Family Law Section Professionalism Award. The award was given in recognition of the person who the Section deems to have most exemplified the aspirational qualities of professionalism in their practice as a lawyer and/or a judge. In 1999, the award was officially named the Joseph T. Tuggle, Jr. Professionalism Award and was given to him that year shortly before his death.

Past recipients include:
1995 - Hon. Hilton M. Fuller Jr.
1996 - Hon. Elizabeth R. Glazebrook
1997 - Ms. Debra A. Segal
1998 - M.T. Simmons Jr.
1999 - Joseph T. Tuggle Jr.
2000 - Hon. Cynthia D. Wright
2001 - Hon. Mary E. Staley
2002 - Hon. Louisa Abbot
2003 - H. Martin Huddleston
2004 - John C. Mayoue
2005 - Hon. Carol W. Hunstein
2006 - Deborah A. Johnson
2007 - Jill O. Radwin
2008 - Carol Ann Walker
2009 - Edward E. "Ned" Bates Jr.
2010 - Steven J. Harper
2011 - John Lyndon
2012 - Nancy F. Lawler
2013 - Barry B. McGough
2014 - Kice H. Stone
2015 - Tina Shadix Roddenbery


The Jack P. Turner Award was initiated in 1992 to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in the area of family law. The Award receives its title from Jack P. Turner who is the first recipient of the Award and was recognized for having singlehandedly elevated the a family law practice in Georgia, for being the creator and first editor of the Family Law Newsletter and was editor from 1976 to 2001, the first Chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, the first Chair of the Family Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association and the founding member of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

The criteria for the Award are a career devoted to the practice of family law with substantial and significant contributions to improve and advance the practice of family law in the State of Georgia. It also includes recognition by the recipient's peers as an outstanding lawyer, a record of integrity and fairness, a commitment to assist other members of the Bar and the practice of family law and by taking the practice of family law to a higher level of increased respectability and recognition.

Past recipients include:
1987 - Jack P. Turner
1994 - M.T. Simmons Jr.
1997 - Carl E. Westmoreland
2000 - C. Wilbur Warner Jr.
2001 - Baxter L. Davis
2002 - Hon. G. Conley Ingram
2003 - H. William Sams Jr.
2005 - Christopher D. Olmstead
2006 - Hon. Cynthia D. Wright
2007 - Carl S. Pedigo
2008 - H. Martin Huddleston
2012 - George S. Stern
2013 - Hon. Bensonetta Tipton Lane