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Transform Your Practice with Strategic Insight: Virtual Consultations Now Available

Solo and small firm lawyers face unique challenges. We understand. The Law Practice Management program offers two types of targeted virtual consultations to help you navigate these complexities with less stress.

General Consultation: focuses on enhancing operational effectiveness. Together, we identify and address issues impeding your daily operations. After the consult, you will receive a written assessment with actionable recommendations to improve your firm’s performance.

Technical Consultation: guides you in optimizing your technology stack and ensure you have the right tools to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

These virtual consultations, up to 90 minutes, are designed to provide strategic insights without the need for an extensive on-site visit. Tailored to firms with up to 20 lawyers, our consultations offer a cost-effective way to access expert advice:

  • $37.50 per hour for solo practitioners
  • $62.50 per hour for firms with 2-4 attorneys
  • $87.50 per hour for firms with 5-9 attorneys
  • $187.50 per hour for firms with 10-20 attorneys

This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights and make strategic improvements to your law practice from the comfort of your own office.

Let's collaborate to refine your law firm’s strategies and technology so that you build a successful and sustainable law practice you enjoy. 

Schedule your General or Technical consultation and transform your practice with guidance tailored to your unique needs.