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Planning for the Unexpected

“Planning for the Unexpected” outlines the steps that lawyers and their successors should take while proactively protecting clients and colleagues in the event of the lawyer’s absence, disability or death. While there are no specific rules for winding down a practice, whether planned or unplanned, this guide focuses on the ethical obligations when closing a law practice. If you practice on your own and do not have a transition plan, look to this guide to help you prepare for any unexpected event.  

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Successor Attorney Responsibilities

The Successor Attorney designated to manage or close another attorney’s office will face myriad responsibilities, some of which will require immediate action. If you are an attorney or the fiduciary that must manage the responsibilities of closing another lawyer’s law practice, the steps to protect clients’ interest and forms included in this chapter will guide you through this process.  

Frequently Asked Questions

This section reviews some of these issues and the various arrangements that the Absent Attorney and the Successor Attorney can make.