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The following forms are available as PDF files. Call the LPM Department at 404-527-8772 if you have any questions about downloading these forms and request for other practice management specific forms.
Case Management Forms
Client Agreements, Interview Forms and Surveys
File and Work Management Forms
Firm Financial and Employment Agreements
Miscellaneous Management Forms

Case Management Forms

Authority to Release Medical and/or Hospital Records
Authorization for Wage and Salary Information
Consumer Bankruptcy Checklist
Client Records Authorization
Contract for Sale of Real Estate
Corporate Checklist
Criminal Case Checklist
Defense Checklist
Divorce Action Checklist
Hearing Speed Letter
Litigation Preparation Report
Negligence Action Checklist
Personal Injury Action Checklist
Personal Injury Case Status Checklist
Personal Injury Client Interview Sheet
Personal Injury Tracking Procedure
Personal Injury Witness Report Form
Pleading Summary Form
Purchase of Real Estate Checklist
Residential Lease With Option to Purchase
Worker's Compensation Intake Form

Client Agreements, Interview Forms and Surveys

Client Intake and Retainer Agreement
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire
Contingency Fee Agreement and Retainer Agreement
Contract for Legal Services
Contract for Legal Services - Sample
Disclosure and Consent
Disengagement Letter - Closing Letter Sample
Disengagement Letter - Unpaid Fees Sample
Divorce Retainer Agreement
Engagement Agreement Checklist
Engagement Letter
Fee Agreement
Letter of Withdrawal from Representation
New Business Information Form
New Matter Report and Checklist
Nonengagement Letter - Samples
Nonengagement Letter - After One-Time Consultation Sample
Nonengagement Letter - After Review Sample
Nonengagement Letter - Declining Case After Research/Investigation Sample
Nonegagement Letter Checklist
Phone Call Policy
Prospective Client Interview

File and Work Management Forms

Case File Closing Form
Conflict of Interest Search Form
Criminal File Information Sheet
Document Removal Form
Electronic Mail Policy
File Activity Sheet
File Closing Checklist
Master Docket
Telephone Conference Record
Termination Checklist
Work Assignment Sheet

Firm Financial and Employment Agreements

Associate Employment Agreement
Buy-Sell Agreement
Employment Agreement - Employee and Partnership Employer
Law Practice Financial Data Form
Model Chart of Accounts
Of Counsel Agreement
Partners' Benefits Sample
Partnership Agreement
Partnership Agreement Checklist
Periodic Bonus Plan
Professional Corporation Articles of Incorporation
Professional Corporation Employment Agreement
Sample Billing Statement
Trust Accounting Disbursements - Procedural Statement
Trust Accounting Receipts - Procedural Statement
Trust Account Monthly Certificate

Miscellaneous Management Forms

Associate Feedback: Assignments
Associate Marketing Evaluation Form
Client Confidentiality Policy
* Malpractice self-audit
Manager's Self Audit
New Employee Checklist
Staff Feedback Regarding Assigned Tasks
Staff Management Self-Audit
* Staff Policies

* Please contact Law Practice Management to order these forms.