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Lawyer Assistance Program

Note: The Lawyer Assistance Program is a service offered to Bar members and is not available to the general public. It is also not a Lawyer Referral Service. For help in finding an attorney please contact your local bar association.

The Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is a confidential service provided by the State Bar to help its members with life's difficulties. In order to help meet the needs of its members and ensure confidentiality, the Bar contracts the services of CorpCare Associates, Inc., Employee Assistance Program, a Georgia-headquartered national counseling agency.

The LAP provides a broad range of helping services to members seeking assistance with depression, stress, alcohol/drug abuse, family problems, workplace conflicts, psychological and other issues. You can contact the LAP by calling 800-327-9631, or by emailing Lisa Hardy, vice president, CorpCare Associates, Inc., at

Suicide Awareness Campaign

Suicide Prevention Campaign

The State Bar of Georgia’s suicide awareness campaign has a dual purpose, directed toward those who are suffering from anxiety and depression and may be at risk for suicide, as well as all Bar members, who need to recognize the severity of the problem and be able to identify warning signs among our colleagues. If you are thinking about suicide or are worried a friend may be contemplating suicide, immediate action is critical. Call the confidential LAP Hotline 1-800-327-9631. Read more.

Services Available Through LAP

All services are accessible through the confidential LAP Hotline:  800-327-9631

  1. Telephone Hotline: Staffed by trained counselors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a lawyer or judge and have a personal problem that is causing you significant concern, the Lawyer Assistance Program can help. Please feel free to call LAP's confidential hotline at 800-327-9631.
  2. Up to 6 prepaid In-Person counseling sessions with a licensed counselor per year.
  3. Work/Life Program for assistance with such issues as childcare, elder care and finances. Callers receive advice, referrals and materials customized to take into account their individual concerns, financial and geographic needs. These referrals are reached through calling the LAP Hotline: 800-327-9631.

Some of the information Work/Life counselors provide includes:

  • Child Care—Centers, Family Day Care Providers, In-Home Care, Summer Day & Resident Camps, Before/After School Care, Preschool Programs, Special Needs Programs, Back Up Care, Private and Public Schools, Boarding Schools as well as Educational Materials on provider selection and parenting tips;
  • Elder Care—Senior Centers, Adult Day Care, Home Health Care, Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities, Transportation Services, Support Groups as well as Financial Options including Medicare and Medicaid Information;
  • Adoption Information—Public and Private Adoption Agencies, Adoption Counselors, Support Groups, Adoption Attorneys and Educational Material;
  • College Assistance—College Planning Guide with Resources for Financial Aid and Educational Consultants, Sample SAT Booklets, Computer Software Programs and College online Services.
  • Financial Assistance—Certified Financial Counselors help move callers toward fiscal fitness during telephonic sessions that include such topics as: General Money Management, Creating a Budget, Saving for College, Credit and Credit Reports, Purchasing or Refinancing a Home or Automobile, as well as Debt Management, Preventing Bankruptcy and Foreclosure. Callers learn how to prevent identity theft. If victimized, they are guided through a structured plan of action to recover and they get ongoing counseling support during the identity theft trauma.

National Resources

The American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs is pleased to direct you to other related sites of interest on the Internet. Many of these sites will also direct you to additional resources that you may find to be useful starting points. As with any resource, please use your own judgment when selecting your individual supports and information. Read More

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