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Cornerstones of Freedom® Mission

"The Cornerstones of Freedom® program shall promote public understanding of the law and its role in society through a public education program about democracy, the rule of law, the legal profession, and the judicial system."

Cornerstones of Freedom® Purpose

The State Bar of Georgia believes that lawyers, as officers of the court and defenders of the Constitution, must invigorate their roles in restoring public confidence in our judicial system. Raising awareness of the American justice system and how it preserves and protects our democratic society is the mission of our Cornerstones of Freedom® program.

The program fulfills this mission by educating the public, opinion leaders and policy makers about the legal system and its promise to safeguard justice for all as a foundational American value. Our goal is to restore public confidence in the judicial system by demonstrating how a robust and independent judiciary serves us all; why the judicial system is worth defending, preserving and restoring; how Georgians can discern and confront efforts to compromise or dismantle the justice system; and why the struggle should matter to every American citizen.

Through the Cornerstones of Freedom® program, State Bar leaders continually seek to identify and create ongoing opportunities for lawyers and judges to help educate the public about the importance of the rule of law, and a fair and impartial judiciary.

Cornerstones of Freedom® is not a slick PR campaign, nor is its objective merely to improve the image of lawyers. Instead, Cornerstones of Freedom® is a State Bar of Georgia initiative designed to educate the public about how the justice system operates and the role of lawyers in making America’s constitutional republic work. The program uses the services of communication experts to help develop the message and implement methods of delivering it, including the television, radio and print media.

Your State Bar of Georgia leaders recognize the need for all members to be continually involved in educating the public about the judicial system and the need for an impartial judiciary. The State Bar, through the Cornerstones of Freedom® program, encourages lawyers and judges to participate in this educational initiative by identifying speaking opportunities with schools, civic groups and local bars and equipping them with speeches, talking points, PowerPoint presentations and other educational tools.

Cornerstones of Freedom® Projects