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Design Patents After Egyptian Goddess and Apple v. Samsung


Design Patents After Egyptian Goddess and Apple v. Samsung

The IP Section invites you to attend a lunch event on design patents, which will be held Feb. 6, at the Bar Center in Atlanta.

Prior to Egyptian Goddess, the cards were stacked against the owners of design patents. The CAFC's en banc decision in that case has evened things up quite a bit, improving success rates in litigation by about half. As a result, design patents are hotter than ever. See, Apple v. Samsung ($1.05B judgment). The presentation covers design patent law prior to and after Egyptian Goddess and concludes with an engaging visual review of numerous recent design patent infringement decisions, allowing the audience to see if they agree with various court rulings. The presentation will cover changes in the law, the impact such has had on court cases, how to maximize design protection and the importance of a strong design patent portfolio.

Arthur A. Gardner, shareholder and founder of the IP boutique firm of Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva, PC

Gardner is a frequent speaker on various IP topics and is an outstanding presenter. An IP lawyer since 1988, over the years he has devoted about half of his efforts to IP litigation (including litigating design patents, utility patents, and appellate work) and about half to patent and trademark prosecution.

Feb. 6, 2013
Noon - 1:15 p.m.
State Bar of Georgia
Room A

Cost for members who preregister is $20.
Cost for nonmembers who preregister is $30.

Cost for onsite registration is $25 for members and $35 for nonmembers.


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