Bar Rules

Section 3. Committee Chairpersons

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / Bylaws of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia / ARTICLE IX COMMITTEES / Section 3. Committee Chairpersons

All “Committee Chairpersons” (other than those mandated by the terms of these bylaws) shall be appointed by the President for a term concurrent with that of the President and shall serve at the pleasure of the President. Persons who are YLD members (but not Honorary Members or Affiliate Members) at the time of their appointment shall be eligible to serve as a Committee Chairperson. No person shall serve as the Committee Chairperson of any one (1) committee of the Young Lawyers Division for more than two (2) consecutive Bar Years, or any portion of two (2) consecutive Bar Years; provided, however, such person may serve as a Committee Chairperson of any other committee of the Young Lawyers Division. The President reserves the power to remove any Committee Chairperson or committee member.

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