Bar Rules

Section 4. Termination of Membership

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / Bylaws of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia / ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP / Section 4. Termination of Membership

 Membership in The Young Lawyers Division shall terminate:

  1. at the end of the fiscal year of the State Bar of Georgia (the "Bar Year") after (1) the member attains the age of thirty-six (36) or (2) the fifth anniversary of the member's being admitted to their first bar, whichever date is later (other than Honorary Members); or
  2. upon such member ceasing to be an active member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia; or
  3. in the case of Affiliate Members, by the vote of a majority of the YLD members in attendance at any meeting of the YLD membership.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, a person who met the requirements of Section 4(a) above at the time such person was elected President-Elect shall continue to be a YLD Member for the duration of the terms of President and Immediate Past President to which he or she succeeds.


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