Bar Rules

Section 8. New Positions, Unfilled Positions, Vacancies, and Lost Positions.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE III BOARD OF GOVERNORS / Section 8. New Positions

  1. If any new position is created in a circuit because of an increase in membership of such circuit, or if any new position is created as a result of legislation establishing a new judicial circuit, the President shall appoint an active member of the State Bar in such circuit to hold office for the remaining term.
  2. If no successor is elected as provided for in Section 3 of this Article III, the President shall, at the annual meeting or within thirty days thereafter, appoint a successor to the Board from the circuit so failing to elect, or in the case of a nonresident member, from the active nonresident members of the State Bar.
  3. If any other vacancy on the Board of Governors occurs at or between annual meetings of the State Bar, the President shall appoint an active member of the circuit in which the vacancy occurs to hold office for the unexpired term.
  4. In the event a position is eliminated for any reason under this Article III, the representative filling the post to be eliminated shall serve for the remainder of the term for which said representative was elected.
  5. If as a result of a change in the geographical boundaries of any judicial circuit a board member is no longer located within the geographic boundaries of the post to which the member was elected, the president shall appoint such representative to the circuit in which the member is actually located if a vacancy is created or exists in such circuit. If no vacancy exists in the circuit, the board member shall serve out the remainder of his or her term as described in subsection (d) above.

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