Bar Rules

Section 2. The President.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE V OFFICERS / Section 2. The President.

The President shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the State Bar of Georgia;
  2. chair the Board of Governors and preside at all of its meetings;
  3. submit to the Board of Governors no later than the second meeting of the Board which the President chairs, a proposed program of activities for the year, a list of the appointments of chairpersons and members of standing committees for the year as provided by the Rules and these Bylaws, and budgetary recommendations as deemed appropriate; and
  4. choose the site for the Annual Meeting to be held at the end of his or her term and deliver a report at the Annual Meeting of the members on the activities of the State Bar of Georgia during his or her term of office.

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