Bar Rules

Section 7. Emeritus Members.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE I MEMBERS / Section 7. Emeritus Members.

In addition to the classes of membership provided in the preceding sections of this Article, the Membership Department may approve or disapprove applications for emeritus member status as provided for in Rule 1-202(d) of the Bar Rules. Applications for emeritus membership shall be on forms prescribed by the Membership Department.

Emeritus membership shall have the same privileges, rights, duties and responsibilities as active membership, except that emeritus members shall not give legal advice or otherwise practice law, except as set out in Rule 1-202(d), nominate a member for office or hold office in the State Bar, or vote on any candidate for elected position in or proposal concerning the State Bar.

Emeritus members may be required to pay section dues at the option of each section of the State Bar.

At the sole discretion of the Membership Department, a member who has attained the age of 70 years, and who has been admitted to the practice of law for at least 25 years, may be placed in emeritus status in the event the Membership Department is unable to locate or contact the qualifying member and provided there is no pending disciplinary action against the member.

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