Bar Rules


State Bar Programs / Part XIV - Rules Governing the Investigation and Prosecution of the Unlicensed Practice of Law / 14-6. PROCEDURES FOR INVESTIGATION / RULE 14-6.1 HEARINGS

(a) Conduct of Proceedings. The proceedings of District Committees and the Standing Committee when hearings are held may be informal in nature and the committees shall not be bound by the rules of evidence. Committee deliberations shall be closed.

(b) Taking Testimony. Counsel for the Bar, Staff counsel, the Standing Committee, each District Committee, and members thereof conducting investigations are empowered to take and have transcribed the testimony and evidence of witnesses. If the testimony is recorded stenographically or otherwise, the witness shall be sworn by any person authorized by law to administer oaths.

(c) Rights and Responsibilities of Respondent. The respondent may be required to appear and to produce evidence as any other witness unless the respondent claims a privilege or right properly available to the respondent under applicable federal or state law. The respondent may be accompanied by counsel.

(d) Rights of Complaining Witness. The complaining witness is not a party to the investigative proceeding although the complainant may be called as a witness should the matter come before a Judge. The complainant may be granted the right to be present at any District Committee hearing when the respondent is present before the committee. The complaining witness shall have no right to appeal the finding of the District Committee.

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