Bar Rules

Rule 7-305. Emergency Suspension.

State Bar Programs / Part VII - Lawyer Assistance Program / CHAPTER 3 PROCEDURES / Rule 7-305. Emergency Suspension.

Upon receipt of sufficient evidence demonstrating that an impaired attorney's conduct poses a substantial threat of immediate or irreparable harm to the attorney's clients or the public, or if an impaired attorney refuses to cooperate with the Committee after an authorized intervention or referral, or refuses to take action recommended by the Committee, and said impaired attorney poses a substantial threat to the attorney, the attorney's clients, or the public, the Committee may request that the Office of the General Counsel petition the Supreme Court of Georgia for the suspension of the attorney pursuant to Rule 4-108. All proceedings under this part which occur prior to the filing of a petition in the Supreme Court of Georgia pursuant to this Rule shall remain confidential and shall not be admissible against the attorney before the State Disciplinary Board of the State Bar of Georgia.  Information from a designee of the Committee acting as a member of a volunteer network established pursuant to Rule 7-202 shall not constitute “evidence” within the meaning of the Rule.

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