Bar Rules

Rule 7-303. Confidentiality.

State Bar Programs / Part VII - Lawyer Assistance Program / CHAPTER 3 PROCEDURES / Rule 7-303. Confidentiality.

Except as provided in this Rule and in Rule 4-104 (b), Rule 4-104 (c), Rule 7-203 and Rule 7-305, all proceedings and records of the Committee, its members, staff, consultants (including without limitation its contractor for clinical services) and other designees, including any information provided to any of them, shall be confidential unless the attorney who has provided the information or caused the record to be created otherwise elects, except that any such person may reveal (i) to police or emergency responders, or any person in imminent danger, information needed to avoid or prevent death or substantial bodily harm, and (ii) information:

  1. which is mandated by statute to be reported;
  2. to respond in any proceeding to allegations of misfeasance concerning the assistance he or she has provided to an impaired attorney as part of a volunteer network established pursuant to Rule 7-202; and
  3. to secure legal advice about his or her compliance with these Rules.


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