Bar Rules

Rule 7-203. Intervention and Counseling.

State Bar Programs / Part VII - Lawyer Assistance Program / CHAPTER 2 GUIDELINES FOR OPERATION / Rule 7-203. Intervention and Counseling.

The members of the Committee shall establish, design and implement all procedures necessary to receive information concerning impaired attorneys. Upon a determination that an attorney is impaired, the Committee shall implement such resources as to the Committee appear appropriate in each individual case. In carrying out its duties under this rule, the Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, is authorized to outsource the clinical portion of the Lawyer Assistance Program to private sector health care professionals. Such health care professionals and their related staff, consultants and other designees shall be authorized to communicate with each other and with the Committee regarding the program or persons referred to the program by the Committee. Said communications shall not constitute a violation of the confidentiality rules established herein.

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