Bar Rules

Rule 8-102. Definition.

State Bar Programs / Part VIII - Continuing Legal Education / CHAPTER 1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION / Rule 8-102. Definition.

(a) "Accredited sponsor" shall mean an organization whose entire continuing legal education program has been accredited by the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency. A specific, individual continuing legal education activity presented by such a sponsor constitutes an approved legal education activity.

(b) "Active member" shall include any person who is licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and who is an active member of the State Bar of Georgia, but shall not include the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, other Constitutional Executive Officers elected statewide, members of the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives, United States Senators and Representatives, and shall not include judges who are prohibited by law, statute, or ordinance from engaging in the practice of law.

(c) "Commission" shall mean the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency (CCLC).

(d) "Inactive member" shall mean a member of the State Bar who is on inactive status.

(e) "Supreme Court" shall mean the Supreme Court of Georgia.

(f) "Year" shall mean the calendar year.

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