Bar Rules

Rule 6-303. Selection of Arbitrators.

State Bar Programs / Part VI - Arbitration of Fee Disputes / CHAPTER 3 SELECTION OF ARBITRATORS / Rule 6-303. Selection of Arbitrators.

The arbitrator panel shall be selected by the Committee or its staff.  Except as provided below,  the arbitration panel shall consist of two attorney members who have practiced law actively for at least five years and one nonlawyer public member.

In cases involving disputed amounts greater than $750 but not exceeding $2,500, the Committee in its sole discretion may appoint an arbitration panel consisting of one lawyer who has practiced law actively for at least five years.

Petitioner and respondent by mutual agreement shall have the right to select the three arbitrators. They also may mutually agree to have the dispute determined by a sole arbitrator jointly selected by them, provided any such sole arbitrator shall be one of the persons on the roster of arbitrators or shall have been approved in advance by the Committee upon the joint request of petitioner and respondent.

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