Bar Rules

Rule 6-302. Neutrality of Arbitrators.

State Bar Programs / Part VI - Arbitration of Fee Disputes / CHAPTER 3 SELECTION OF ARBITRATORS / Rule 6-302. Neutrality of Arbitrators.

No person shall serve as an arbitrator in any matter in which that person has any financial or personal interest. Upon appointment to a particular arbitration, each arbitrator shall disclose to the Committee any circumstance that may affect his or her neutrality in regard to the dispute in question.

If an arbitrator becomes aware of any circumstances that might preclude that arbitrator from rendering an objective and impartial determination of the proceeding, the arbitrator must disclose that potential conflict as soon as practicable. If the arbitrator becomes aware of the potential conflict prior to the hearing, the disclosure shall be made to the Committee, which shall forward the disclosure to the parties. If the potential conflict becomes apparent during the hearing, the disclosure shall be made directly to the parties.

If a party believes that an arbitrator has a potential conflict of interest and should withdraw or be disqualified, and the arbitrator does not voluntarily withdraw, the party shall promptly notify the Committee so that the issue may be addressed and resolved as early in the arbitration process as possible.

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