Bar Rules

Rule 6-203. Answer.

State Bar Programs / Part VI - Arbitration of Fee Disputes / CHAPTER 2 JURISDICTIONAL GUIDELINES / Rule 6-203. Answer.

Each respondent shall have 20 calendar days after service of a petition to file an answer with the Committee. Staff, in its discretion, may grant appropriate extensions of time for the filing of an answer.

The answer shall be filed on or with the Fee Arbitration Answer Form supplied by Committee staff and shall contain the following elements:

(a) A statement as to whether the respondent agrees to be bound by the result of the arbitration;

(b) The respondent’s statement of facts;

(c) Any defenses the respondent intends to assert;

(d) The date of the answer; and

(e) Each respondent’s signature.

Committee staff shall serve a copy of the answer upon each petitioner by first class mail, addressed to such party’s last known address.

The failure to file an answer shall not deprive the Committee of jurisdiction and shall not result in a default judgment against the respondent.


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