Bar Rules

Rule 6-201. Petition.

State Bar Programs / Part VI - Arbitration of Fee Disputes / CHAPTER 2 JURISDICTIONAL GUIDELINES / Rule 6-201. Petition.

A request for arbitration of a fee dispute is initiated by the filing of a petition with the Committee. Each petition shall be filed on the Fee Arbitration Petition Form supplied by Committee staff and shall contain the following elements:

(a) A statement of the nature of the dispute and the petitioner’s statement of facts, including relevant dates;

(b) The names and addresses of the client(s) and the attorney(s);

(c) A statement that the petitioner has made a good faith effort to resolve the dispute and the details of that effort;

(d) A statement that the petitioner agrees to be bound by the result of the arbitration;

(e) The date of the petition; and

(f) Each petitioner’s signature.

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