Bar Rules

Rule 5-101. Amendment; Filing, Notice.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / Part V - Amendment & Effective Date / CHAPTER 1 AMENDMENT / Rule 5-101. Amendment; Filing

The Supreme Court of Georgia may, on motion of the State Bar of Georgia, amend the rules of the State Bar of Georgia at any time; provided, however, that no motion to amend these rules may be filed until thirty (30) days after a notice setting forth the proposed amendment has been published in the Georgia Bar Journal or any other document of the State Bar of Georgia. The said notice shall contain the following:

  1. the date upon which the motion to amend these rules shall be filed in the Supreme Court of Georgia;
  2. the verbatim text of the said motion as certified by the Executive Director of the State Bar of Georgia;
  3. a statement that the publication of the said motion to amend these rules is intended to comply with the notice requirement of this rule;
  4. a statement that any objection to the proposed amendment shall be made only in accordance with Rule 5-102.

At the same time that notice is sent to its membership, the State Bar of Georgia shall file a copy of such a notice with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

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