Bar Rules

Rule 4-222. Limitation

Ethics & Discipline / Current Rules / Part IV (After January 1 / 2001) - Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct (also includes Disciplinary Proceedings and Advisory Opinion rules) / CHAPTER 2 DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS

(a) No proceeding under Part IV, Chapter 2, shall be brought unless a Memorandum of Grievance has been received at State Bar of Georgia headquarters or instituted by the Investigative Panel within four years after the commission of the act. Provided, however, this limitation shall be tolled during any period of time, not to exceed two years, that the offender or the offense is unknown, the offender's whereabouts are unknown, or the offender's name is removed from the roll of those authorized to practice law in this State.

(b) Referral of a matter to the Investigative Panel by the Office of the General Counsel shall occur within twelve months of the receipt of the Memorandum of Grievance at State Bar of Georgia headquarters or institution of a Memorandum of Grievance by the Investigative Panel.

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