Bar Rules

Rule 4-213. Evidentiary Hearing

Ethics & Discipline / Current Rules / Part IV (After January 1 / 2001) - Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct (also includes Disciplinary Proceedings and Advisory Opinion rules) / CHAPTER 2 DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS

(a) Within 90 days after the filing of respondent's answer to the formal complaint or the time for filing of the answer, whichever is later, the Special Master shall proceed to hear the case. The evidentiary hearing shall be reported and transcribed at the expense of the State Bar of Georiga. When the hearing is complete, the Special Master shall proceed to make findings of fact, conclusions of law and a recommendation of discipline and file a report with the Review Panel or the Supreme Court of Georgia as hereinafter provided. Alleged errors in the trial may be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Georgia when the findings and recommendations of discipline of the Review Panel are filed with the Court. There shall be no direct appeal from such proceedings of the Special Master.

(b) Upon respondent's showing of necessity and financial inability to pay for a copy of the transcript, the Special Master shall order the State Bar of Georgia to purchase a copy of the transcript for respondent.

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