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Rule 4-207. Letters of Formal Admonition and Investigative Panel Reprimands; Notification and Right of Rejection

Ethics & Discipline / Current Rules / Part IV (After January 1 / 2001) - Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct (also includes Disciplinary Proceedings and Advisory Opinion rules) / CHAPTER 2 DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS

In any case where the Investigative Panel, or a subcommittee of the Panel, votes to impose discipline in the form of a letter of formal admonition or an Investigative Panel Reprimand, such vote shall constitute the Panel's finding of probable cause. The respondent shall have the right to reject, in writing, the imposition of such discipline. A written rejection shall be deemed an election by the respondent to continue disciplinary proceedings under these rules and shall cause the Investigative Panel to proceed under Rule 4-204.4

(a) Notification to respondent shall be as follows:

    (1) in the case of letters of formal admonition, the letter of admonition;

    (2) in the case of an Investigative Panel Reprimand, the letter notifying the respondent to appear for the administration of the reprimand;

    (3) sent to the respondent at his address as reflected in State Bar records, via certified mail, return receipt requested.

(b) Rejection by respondent shall be as follows:

    (1) in writing, within thirty days of notification;

    (2) sent to the Investigative Panel via certified mail, return receipt requested, directed to the Office of the General Counsel of the State Bar of Georgia at the current headquarters address of the State Bar.

(c) If the respondent rejects the imposition of a formal admonition or Investigative Panel Reprimand, the Office of the General Counsel shall file a formal complaint with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Georgia within thirty days of receipt of the rejection unless the Investigative Panel or its Chairperson grants an extension of time for the filing of the formal complaint.

(d) Investigative Panel Reprimands shall be administered before the Panel by the Chairperson or his or her designee.

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