Bar Rules

Rule 4-109. Refusal or Failure to Appear for Reprimand; Suspension

Ethics & Discipline / Current Rules / Part IV (After January 1 / 2001) - Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct (also includes Disciplinary Proceedings and Advisory Opinion rules) / CHAPTER 1 GEORGIA RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND ENFORCEMENT THEREOF

Either panel of the State Disciplinary Board based on the knowledge or belief that a respondent has refused, or failed without just cause, to appear in accordance with Bar Rule 4-220 before a panel or the superior court for the administration of a reprimand may file in the Supreme Court a motion for suspension of the respondent. A copy of the motion shall be served on the respondent as provided in Rule 4-203.1. The Supreme Court may in its discretion, ten days after the filing of the motion, suspend the respondent until such time as the reprimand is administered.

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