Bar Rules

Section 3. Inactive Members.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE I MEMBERS / Section 3. Inactive Members.

  1. Inactive members shall:
    1. pay annual dues as set forth in Bar Rule 1-502;
    2. be exempt from continuing legal education requirements (except for years in which the member is on active membership status for any part of the calendar year);
    3. affirmatively represent their status as inactive members of the State Bar of Georgia when any statement of State Bar membership is made;
    4. not hold themselves out as being able to practice law in Georgia or render advice on matters of Georgia law;
    5. not hold any position that requires the person to be a licensed Georgia attorney;
    6. not nominate a member for office, hold a State Bar office, hold a section or committee office, or vote on any candidate or proposal concerning the State Bar;
    7. not receive State Bar publications, including the State Bar Directory and State Bar Journal, unless the inactive member so requests;
    8. keep the membership department advised of their current name, address and phone number as provided in Bar Rule 1-207.
  2. An inactive member in good standing may on application become an active member. The application shall be accompanied by payment of the dues of an active member for the year in which the change is made, less dues paid by the member for that year as an inactive member. In addition, the member must satisfy the continuing legal education requirements for the calendar year in which the member is on active status.

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