Bar Rules

Section 2. Senior Lawyers Section.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE IX SECTIONS / Section 2. Senior Lawyers Section.

There shall be a section of the State Bar to be known as the Senior Lawyers Section composed of all members of the State Bar who have reached their 65th birthday prior to the close of the preceding Annual Meeting of the State Bar provided, however, that all those members of the State Bar who are between 60 and 65 years of age and are members in good standing of the Senior Section (sometimes called the Senior Law Section) at the time this amendment is adopted shall become members of the Senior Lawyers Section. This Section is formed for the purpose of fostering discussion, interchange of ideas, and camaraderie among the older members of the State Bar and to promote professionalism, CLE, CJE and other activities of the State Bar as shall be determined by the Section officers, Executive Committee and members. The Senior Lawyers Section shall have such officers, committees and government as shall be determined by its Bylaws, subject to the Rules and Bylaws of the State Bar.

The State Bar shall furnish reasonable postage and mailing expense and staff liaison assistance for the Section. All other items of Section expense shall be the responsibility of the Section unless specifically authorized and approved by both the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors as a separate budget item.

The Section shall be authorized to accept voluntary contributions which shall be held by the State Bar for use by the Section. Any funds of the old Senior Section (which Section is abolished by this amendment) in existence at the time of this amendment shall be held by the State Bar for the use of the new Senior Lawyers Section.

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