Bar Rules

Rule 13-102. Privacy of Proceedings.

State Bar Programs / Part XIII - Judicial District Professionalism Program / Rule 13-102. Privacy of Proceedings.

(a) The privacy of all inquiries and proceedings provided herein shall be respected. The JDPC and staff shall not make disclosure of said inquiries and proceedings in the absence of the agreement of all participating.

(b) Except as expressly permitted by these Rules, the JDPC and staff shall not disclose information concerning or comment on any proceeding under these Rules.

(c) The JDPC and staff may reveal private records when required by law, court rule, or court order.

(d) Any records maintained by the JDPP, as provided herein, shall be available to counsel for the State Bar only in the event the State Bar or any department thereof receives a discovery request or properly executed subpoena requesting such records.

(e) The JDPP record of any inquiry against any lawyer or judge under these Rules shall not contain the name of the inquiring or responding party. Only information for raw statistical data shall be maintained by the JDPP or each JDPC.

(f) In order to preserve privacy, no lawyer or judge shall be required to respond when asked if there are any JDPP inquiries against the lawyer or judge.

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