Bar Rules

Rule 7-204. Definitions.

State Bar Programs / Part VII - Lawyer Assistance Program / CHAPTER 2 GUIDELINES FOR OPERATION / Rule 7-204. Definitions.

(a) Attorney, as used in this Part VII, shall include active, inactive, emeritus and foreign law consultant members of the State Bar of Georgia.

(b) An impaired attorney is an attorney who, in the opinion of the members of the Committee, the State Disciplinary Board, the Supreme Court of Georgia, or the members of the professional health care provider selected in accordance with Rule 7-203 above, who suffers from a medical, psychological, emotional, or stress-related disease or problem, or who is actively abusing alcohol or other chemical substances, or has become dependent upon alcohol or such substances, such that the attorney poses a substantial threat of harm to the attorney or the attorney's clients, or the public.

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