Bar Rules

Rule 10-111. Confidentiality

State Bar Programs / Part X - Clients' Security Fund / Rule 10-111. Confidentiality

(a) Claims, proceedings and reports involving claims for reimbursement are confidential until the Board authorizes reimbursement to the claimant, except as provided below. After payment of the reimbursement, the Board may publicize the nature of the claim, the amount of reimbursement, and the name of the lawyer. The name and the address of the claimant shall not be publicized by the Board unless specific permission has been granted by the claimant.

(b) This Rule shall not be construed to deny access to relevant information by professional discipline agencies or other law enforcement authorities as the Board shall authorize, or the release of statistical information which does not disclose the identity of the lawyer or the parties.

(c) In the event a lawyer whose conduct resulted in the payment of a claim files a petition for reinstatement to the practice of law, the Board shall release all information pertaining to the claim to the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants as may be pertinent to the reinstatement proceeding.

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