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Rule 8-108. Reinstatement.

State Bar Programs / Part VIII - Continuing Legal Education / CHAPTER 1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION / Rule 8-108. Reinstatement.

An active member suspended under the provisions of these rules may be reinstated by the Court upon motion of the Commission and upon a showing that the delinquency has been corrected and payment to the Commission of a uniform reinstatement fee fixed by the Commission.


(1) Reinstatement Fee. The uniform reinstatement fee is $500 for a member's first reinstatement, $1,000 for a second reinstatement by the same member, and $2,000 for all subsequent reinstatements by the same member. This fee must accompany the reinstatement motion. It shall not be waived and is non-refundable in the event reinstatement is not granted.

(2) Policy. Reinstatement will be granted only upon a showing that the member has attended sufficient approved CLE activity to make-up the deficiencies causing the suspension and all deficiencies in subsequent years. Also, the member's progress toward meeting MCLE requirements in the calendar year in which the reinstatement is requested will be included as information in the CCLC's motion to the Supreme Court.

(3) Motion. The motion for reinstatement shall list the CLE activities by course number, sponsor, location, dates and hours. It shall be accompanied by proof of attendance, any attendee fee that may be due, and the reinstatement fee.

(4) CCLC Action. If the suspended member is found to be in compliance, the CCLC will file a motion with the Supreme Court of Georgia setting forth the facts along with its recommendation which may or may not be that reinstatement be granted. The Supreme Court will make the final decision on reinstatement. If the suspended member is found to not be in compliance, the CCLC will inform him of the curative actions necessary to cure his deficiencies.

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