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Rule 8-107. Grace Period and Noncompliance.

State Bar Programs / Part VIII - Continuing Legal Education / CHAPTER 1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION / Rule 8-107. Grace Period and Noncompliance.

(A) Grace Period

(1) Members who are deficient in their CLE, fees, or other requirements at the end of a calendar year are entitled to an automatic grace period until March 31st of the succeeding year to make up their deficiency.  This does not change the requirement that members file their annual report by January 31st.

(2) Members who remain deficient on April 1st of the succeeding year shall pay a late CLE fee in an amount to be set by the Commission.

(B) Noncompliance

(1) Notice.  Members who remain deficient in their CLE, annual report filing, fees, or other requirements on April 1st of the succeeding year are in noncompliance.  The Commission shall so notify the members by first class mail to the member's current address contained in the membership records of the State Bar of Georgia.  Service or actual receipt is not a prerequisite to actions authorized by these Rules.

(2) Hearing.  Members may contest their noncompliance by requesting a hearing before the Commission.  The request should be in writing, contain the reasons for their contest, and be made within 60 days of the date of the notice of noncompliance mailed by the Commission.  The Commission shall hear the matter at its next meeting.  No action will be taken while hearings are pending.

(3) Report.  The Commission shall report to the Supreme Court those members who remain in noncompliance after the time to request hearings has expired or any requested hearings have been held.

(4) Supreme Court of Georgia Action.  Upon receipt from the Commission of a report of noncompliance, the Supreme Court of Georgia shall enter an order it deems appropriate including an allowance of additional time for compliance or summary suspension from the practice of law until further order of the Court.


(1) Late CLE Fee: An attorney who does not complete the annual, minimum CLE requirement until after March 31st of the following year shall pay a $100 late CLE fee. This fee shall be due April 1st. Thereafter, if the attorney's CLE deficiency is not corrected by September 30th of the same year, or if the $100 late CLE fee remains unpaid on that September 30th, an additional $150 late fee shall be due immediately.

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