Bar Rules

Rule 6-202. Service of Petition.

State Bar Programs / Part VI - Arbitration of Fee Disputes / CHAPTER 2 JURISDICTIONAL GUIDELINES / Rule 6-202. Service of Petition.

If a petition has been properly completed and appears to have merit, Committee staff shall serve a copy of the petition, along with a Fee Arbitration Answer Form and an acknowledgment of service form, upon the respondent by first class mail addressed to such party’s last known address. A signed acknowledgment of service form or a written answer from the respondent or respondent’s attorney shall constitute conclusive proof of service and shall eliminate the need to utilize any other form of service.

In the absence of an acknowledgment of service or a written response from the respondent or respondent's counsel, service shall be certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to such party’s last known address.

In unusual circumstances as determined by the Committee or its staff, when service has not been accomplished by other less costly measures, service may be accomplished by the Sheriff or a court-approved agent for service of process.

If service is not accomplished, the Committee shall not accept jurisdiction of the case.


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